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Read our latest Focus Publication: Typhoons of love 2015 Issue 4 and other great stories of ACTION’s impact for God’s Kingdom.

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Action International Ministries celebrates 40 years of ministry in 2015!

ACTION Jubilee

ACTION Jubilee

Action International Ministries is excited to celebrate 40 years of God’s faithfulness. We are celebrating this anniversary through a conference for all ACTION missionaries at Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, July 9-14, 2015.

ACTION Canada is excited to host this event, as it will be such a blessing to gather together in community. We are all part of the same organization, but a lot of us have never met. It will be a time of connection, blessing, worship, and encouragement as we reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past, the present, and as we look to the future. To find out more about the Jubilee Celebration and what will be happening, go to:

As part of this celebration, on Friday, July 10, there will be a banquet and concert at Prairie, with Christian comedian Phil Callaway, and musician Scott Wesley Brown. This event is open to the public, but we do ask for advance booking. To purchase your advance tickets, click here.

Bible club for needy children in Zambia

Children at Bible club

Children at Bible club

Holly Moir is a missionary with the ACTION Zambia team. Her main focus is on child evangelism and discipleship and women’s ministries. She recently wrote about her Bible club work.

“My role has been to lead our five Zambian children’s ministry leaders. It is such a blessing to serve in this tangible way! I also help out during the lessons by providing activities, coloring sheets, and verse handouts. I just began teaching lessons myself as well. My current role has been very helpful in learning all aspects of our weekly Bible club.

“We have 73 children registered for class, most of whom come from surrounding neighborhoods. Some of the children who attend our Bible club also attend local churches. Many of these churches teach from the Old Testament, but are lacking when it comes to New Testament instruction. To help with this, our national children’s ministry teacher and facilitator, Uncle Juma, has been teaching two of the older kids’ groups a class which is focused on New Testament stories.

“In September I will be starting a brand-new Bible club for 40 additional children. I am also hoping to start a teen girls’ Bible study with some of the older girls who are currently attending Bible club. This summer we will be visited by a short-term team from Westhills Community Church in Morgan Hill, California. The team will be training our youth leaders on some new curriculum and helping lead a two-day kids’ camp at Camp Ciyanjano. We are planning to have about 60 children in attendance.

“This ministry still has many needs, both spiritual and financial. Many of ACTION Zambia’s missionaries are personally helping to meet our financial needs. One way that anyone can be involved is to pray. I cannot put into words how much of a blessing and encouragement it is to hear that people around the world are praying for our ministry.”

Short-term trip to Shalom Christian Birthing Home

Mother and baby

Mother and baby

While she was a college student at Peace River Bible Institute in Sexsmith, Alberta, Katelin Nordli took a three-month trip to Shalom Christian Birthing Home. Katelin has since graduated and hopes to pursue training to become a midwife.

Katelin writes, “I had the opportunity to travel to Antipolo City which is located on the outskirts of Manila. The purpose of my trip was to gain insight into whether God desired me to serve Him in foreign missions through medicine. Shalom Christian Birthing Home is a birthing clinic started by retired British midwife Mavis Orton in 1992 for impoverished local families. Though extremely busy with hundreds of women they see weekly for prenatal and postnatal care, family planning, and deliveries, the staff took a risk and accepted me to complete my internship with them though I had no medical experience.

“To be honest, I was terrified about this three-month excursion and was uncertain what to expect. I felt very unequipped for the journey. I knew very little about Filipino culture and even less about the language. I had no medical experience and I feared that I would be a burden to the people I was coming to learn from and help. In the months leading up to my departure, I was continually reminded of the story of Moses. Moses was also unprepared and felt unequipped for the task that God was calling him to. My Bible college mentor kept reminding me that ‘God does not call the qualified; rather He qualifies the called.’ Whether I was ready for this adventure or not, it needed to happen and I praise God it did!

“Since I was not medically trained, I did whatever I could at the clinic. Some days this meant doing administrative tasks or taking the vitals of prenatal patients. Other days I took care of short-term teams that came to help at the clinic. As I got to know the midwives better, I was able to learn more about the medical care side of the ministry.

“During my trip, I was reminded how fragile, yet strong, human life is. The day I arrived, I was able to watch my first delivery. A tiny baby boy was born with little trouble. The next week I went to my first wake, as a midwife’s mother had passed away. Life and death, in this fallen world we live in, exist side by side. I cannot tell you the joy you feel when you see little babies enter the world and take their first cries. Yet walking down the street and gazing at wooden boxes containing people who have passed away was saddening.

“God really broke my heart as I saw how needy this world is. No matter where you go, poor people exist. The need is so great that it felt impossible that I could do any good or make a dent. However, I learned that it is not the big things you do that make a difference, but rather the little things. The fact that I helped deliver a baby did not save the world, but it gave God a chance to use me in that family’s life when they needed someone. Being God’s hands and feet in this world is not about saving the world; that is God’s job. Rather it is about being willing to partner with God and let Him use you in the little things.”

Inductive Bible study seminar in Zambia

Tracy teaching

Tracy teaching

Tracy and Karen Singleton have been ACTION missionaries in Lusaka since 2008. One of Tracy’s primary ministries is teaching local pastors and church leaders at ACTION Pastors’ College, a three-year program that requires students to teach others what they are learning. He recently told about an inductive Bible study seminar held for past and present members of a program called Discipleship 2:7.

“Inductive Bible study has been likened to digging for buried treasure. Unlike raking leaves or sweeping sidewalks, digging for gold means hard work. Students of ACTION Zambia’s discipleship groups found that to be true as we discussed how to seek the treasures of Scripture.

“During the two-day seminar, the students learned four principles of inductive Bible study: observation, interpretation, summarization, and application. Helping Tracy teach these four steps were our national workers, Wozifera Ngoma and Josphat Mtonga. As a special treat, Dr. Eric Forman from our sending church in Illinois taught several of the sessions on observation. He connected with those present with skill and carefulness. Eric’s wife, Deb, was a tremendous help to Karen in preparing breakfasts for the attendees both days. Eric and Deb truly have servants’ hearts.

“Besides emceeing, Wozifera Ngoma taught the step of application with a perfect teaching method. Zambians love to work and study together, so he had the students split up into groups to summarize and apply passages.

“Another delightful aspect of this seminar was the complete takeover of the lunch catering by Wozifera and his wife, Easter. From the purchase and transport of food and supplies to the actual cooking and oversight, these two servants of the Lord blessed us with low-cost, delicious lunches each day.

“From start to finish, these were two days rich in blessing. The worship sessions led by Mtonga proved once again to be energetic and passionate. Those in attendance found buried treasure and now long to share it with others. And, we partnered once again in ministry with old friends as well as new. Please pray for the students as they share what they have learned with their churches and discipleship groups.”

Soccer camp for needy youth in Cambodia

Kids at soccer camp

Kids at soccer camp

Lourens Schep spent two weeks in Phnom Penh running soccer camps for needy youth. Lourens is originally from Holland, but emmigrated to Canada with his family when he was 14 years old. He took a short-term trip to Cambodia because he wanted to use his passion for soccer in ministry.

Lourens writes, “I went on a two-week mission trip to Cambodia with Action International Ministries. My trip was focused on several sports, but primarily soccer. I coached a group of 30 young men aged 12 to 18. From Monday to Friday each week we were on the soccer field at 5:30 a.m. In the morning I led soccer drills. For the last 5 to 10 minutes of the session we had a small Bible study. Each evening, we played scrimmage games to reinforce the skills taught that morning.

“For the first week of the trip I also went to a school and played soccer with a group of 10 kids. I was going to do drills with this group, but they preferred to simply play for two hours instead. This was draining, as it was quite hot outside by that time, but also a lot of fun. I would be reenergized as soon as I saw the kids’ excited faces. It was all worth it!

“During the day, I prepared for the next day, did my devotions, and visited the city. It is difficult to see all the ways God was working since I was only in Cambodia for two weeks, but I know for sure that God helped me and those around me. He gave me energy and passion and filled me with peace and trust that everything would go fine. I was often nervous and scared in the morning and unsure if the kids would enjoy the drills or if I was even making an impact.

“The last night I almost cried when everyone came in for a huge hug and wanted to take pictures with me. I could not believe how thankful they were. It was a special moment for me as I was able to glimpse what God’s love for us feels like. Looking back on the trip, I see that God was behind it all. I perhaps even had a glimpse of what He wants me to do in the future.”

Ministry to ACTION Pastors’ College wives in Zambia

Singing to the Lord

Singing to the Lord

Karen Singleton writes, “Last year the wives of ACTION Pastors’ College (APC) students began to meet together each month. Patterned after Christian Women’s Club in the United States, the gathering became known as APC Wives Christian Fellowship. Last week the new group of APC wives met for the very first time.

“After a time of singing and dancing, we played several games to get to know one another. Easter Ngoma, an ACTION Zambia staff member, shared about the importance of growing as a Christian and I gave a short application using a coloring sheet. On the palm leaves the ladies in groups of two needed to write ways in which they wanted to grow as believers. Some said they wanted to grow in their prayer lives, others in evangelism, and others in the study of God’s Word. Our fellowship time also included a craft and a light lunch.

“Afterward, ladies lingered around on the porch and then left together. We are thankful that our hearts are being knitted together and pray that God will continue this work.”

Batch 24 begins at Working Hands

Batch 24

Batch 24

Gary Root writes, “This week 38 boys began their 10-month vocational training and discipleship program, making this the 24th batch of students to be a part of Working Hands. Last night all of the missionaries and staff of Working Hands joined the students in a time of worship, introductions and fellowship around a delicious meal of rice and fried chicken.

“After almost a month and a half since the graduation of Batch 23, it brings much joy to see these active and eager young men fully engaged in every activity here, whether it be in the classroom, on the basketball court, or in worship. Most of these boys come from broken homes and all come from extremely poor backgrounds. Please pray for the team and for the students during this next year.”

Mustard Seed update

Previous Mustard Seed class

Previous Mustard Seed class

Mustard Seed’s sewing and discipleship program is in its fifth week of a new term. The Program Director, Barbara Burchert, writes, “As we head into a new week of classes, I am thinking about how far our new students have come in just a short amount of time!

“Their sewing skills have grown over the last few weeks. They started out learning to operate
the big machines and now they are completing projects such as a carrying bag, pillowcase, and potholder.

“In discipleship class, the girls have settled well into the daily classes. Homework is being completed and turned in. Memory verses are being learned. The devotion and Bible reading class is going well also. The students are taking turns presenting daily devotions.

“In my financial management class, the students have begun to keep their account books up to date and are learning how to be responsible for the funds they receive and how they spend them.  We have had some good discussions about verses I have presented as well. This last Monday we read Proverbs 14:1 and had a discussion about how wise women build their houses, but foolish women tear down their houses with their own hands.

“Please continue to pray for the students and staff at Mustard Seed as we continue this term.”

Missionaries needed to serve worldwide

Short-term missionary with children in Malawi

Short-term missionary with children in Malawi

Please pray with ACTION for many additional missionaries to work in evangelism, discipleship and development in each of the countries we serve: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji Islands, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Zambia.

To learn more about opportunities to serve with ACTION, please click here.