Retreat for ACTION Pastors’ College students

Pastors doing a team-building exercise

Pastors doing a team-building exercise

Kelly Huckaby writes, “We had a great weekend at Ciyanjano with our ACTION Pastors’ College (APC) students. Next month the students will graduate from APC after three long years of hard work. We held a retreat for them full of excellent teaching, good food, times of worship and praise, laughter, and fun.

“Please pray for these pastors as they graduate next month. Pray that God will bless their ministries and families.”

Graduates of ACTION Pastors’ College in Zambia

Children at Pastor Patson's school

Children at Pastor Patson’s school

Kelly Huckaby writes, “One of the most amazing things we get to do is to visit the graduates of ACTION Pastors’ College. We recently visited Pastor Bruce Kaumba in Kanyama compound and Pastor Patson Sakala in Ngombe compound to see their families and ministries.

“Please pray for these pastors as they preach the Word and serve children for the sake of the Gospel and the name of Jesus.”

Upcoming Christmas outreach parties

Children at a Christmas party in Zambia

Children at a Christmas party in Zambia

Do you enjoy the Christmas season? If so, chances are you cherish in your heart warm childhood memories of December 25th family love and gift giving!

However for many at-risk children, this season of hope becomes a time of increased hopelessness. Their sense of worthlessness is confirmed as their deep poverty and fractured family relationships exclude them from participation in the beautiful celebrations they can only observe.

ACTION missionaries worldwide are passionate about grasping the opportunity to replace these lies with the truth of Jesus, and the hope he brings. At special ACTION Christmas Outreach parties, needy kids are welcomed with food, fun, a small toy, and most important, the story of our wonderful Savior’s coming—for them!

And these outreaches are effective! After a party in Manila last December one girl from a temporary slum shelter exclaimed, “I will never forget this delicious food! I cried when I heard the story…I thought I was the only one with that kind of experience with my broken family.”

Another young guest also understood that he was included in God’s love: “When I saw other kids like me and heard the story, I began to realize that Jesus cares for poor kids like me.” Even more, as they hear the gospel, many respond. A fifteen-year-old orphan said, “At the party I received Jesus as my Savior and through Bible studies I want to learn about him.”

If you are interested in giving toward this project and enabling ACTION missionaries to bring the hope of Christ to those who are longing for him, please click here.

Colombian children grow in their relationships with Jesus

Discipleship class

Discipleship class

Raquel de Jesús writes, “We praise God for the opportunity we have to give meals to 100 children three days a week in Colombia. The children are also fed spiritually when they attend Bible classes at the ministry center.

“One of the things we are teaching the young people is about their need to have communication with God through personal devotions. A boy named Mike recently accepted Jesus as his Savior. Mike said, ‘I have learned more about God and have memorized Bible verses. God is changing me every day.’

“Lanie told me, ‘One of the things I learned at class is how to read the Bible. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord and am grateful to God for how He is changing me. I used to fight a lot with my brothers and I was not doing well in school because of my behavior. Since accepting Jesus, I have more patience with my brothers and have been behaving well in school. I have also been inviting my friends to church.’”

The O’Connors travel to Uganda to train pastors

Patrick O'Connor with pastors

Patrick O’Connor with pastors

Patrick and Debbie O’Connor recently took a trip to Uganda to join Jim and Kappy Robinette in training local pastors. Jim writes, “Patrick and Debbie blessed us all in Ruti, Mbarara, recently as they taught men and women. Patrick taught about sustainable church planting and multiplication with David Kirya. We distributed study Bibles and literature.

“Please pray for our new friends in Ruti. Pray that God will begin true and pure Bible churches there according to His will and that people will come to know and love the Lord through the evangelism and discipleship of these churches.”

Missionaries needed to serve worldwide

Pami Ellis, missionary in the Philippines

Pami Ellis, missionary in the Philippines

Please pray with ACTION for many additional missionaries to work in evangelism, discipleship and development in each of the countries we serve: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji Islands, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Zambia.

To learn more about opportunities to serve with ACTION, please click here.

Update from Honest Hands in the Philippines

Honest Hands guys receiving new Bibles

Honest Hands guys receiving new Bibles

Greg and Sarah Seiling lead Honest Hands Discipleship Home in the Philippines. Greg writes, “We are finishing up week eight of the program already. Educational tutorials have been challenging since all the guys are at different levels. One of our students at age 16 cannot read or write, and is having trouble retaining information and memorizing even simple things like the alphabet. Other students are at basic literary levels, while others are at elementary level and up to secondary level. They practically need one-on-one tutoring, but of course this is not possible with only four workers. Pray that the staff would have wisdom in how to effectively teach the guys.

“Bible sessions are going well. We have covered Biblical topics like Creation, the Fall, and Redemption and basic Bible doctrines like who is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Next we will get into some Bible history by chronologically looking at different characters in the Bible. Pray that God will continue to work in these guys’ hearts and minds as they dig into the Word! Also pray that they will each have a passion to know God more and to grow in their faith.”

Teaching children patience in Colombia



Phil Legal writes, “In our outreaches to children, we have observed a lack of patience. Children speak out of turn, push others aside when playing games, and try to be first when snacks are served. We prayed about how to teach this timely subject in order to produce positive life change in the children. Our goal was that the children would understand that patience is a godly trait and that they would live it out in their daily lives.

“At our outreach, we told biblical accounts of people who displayed patience and played several games that encouraged patience in the children. There are many examples in the Bible of people who acted hastily and suffered the consequences. We told the children to take heed and learn from those examples. What was Joseph’s secret as he suffered in the dungeon and waited daily for an opportunity to gain his freedom? The answer: God’s presence and Joseph’s hope in Him.”

Free book download from Wayne Mac Leod

1 & 2 Samuel

1 & 2 Samuel

Each month missionary Wayne Mac Leod makes one of his e-books available free of charge. This month’s title is “1 & 2 Samuel: A Devotional Look at Israel’s Transition to Leadership Under Her Kings.”

The books of 1 & 2 Samuel show us the humanness of Israel’s kings and their failures. It reminds us that faithfulness to God and not strong leadership is the key to success as a nation.

This is a commentary on the books of 1 & 2 Samuel. The goal of this commentary is to help the reader see the significance of the teaching in these books and its application to our life today.

You can download the PDF version of this book by clicking here.

AWANA Zambia day camp at Ciyanjano

Children at camp

Children at camp

Kelly Huckaby writes, “When we agreed to let AWANA have a day camp at Ciyanjano for free, we didn’t realize they would bring half the kids in the city! We never actually got a final headcount but I would guess there were 250-300 kids. They played games, sang songs, and enjoyed our playground.

“Please pray for more children’s ministry leaders here in Zambia, where the median age is 16. Also pray for our own upcoming mentoring program (Ciyanjano Champs for Children) for Zambian youth interested in evangelizing and discipling children in their own communities and here at Ciyanjano.”