Scott Gillespie to minister in Malawi

Pastor studying the Bible

Pastor studying the Bible

Scott Gillespie writes, “In five days I head out to Malawi, Africa. Please pray for me as I will be teaching groups of pastors in day-long workshops several times and do a little Sunday preaching.

“I don’t hold a degree and have never pastored a church, so I approach all of this with some trepidation and humility. My weakness will be His strength. Many of these pastors have never been to Bible college and some don’t even own a Bible – they share them. Pray that what I share with them will be from the Lord to encourage them.”

To learn more about ACTION’s work in Malawi, please click here.

Using hip hop music to reach young people in Mexico

Gospel presentation

Gospel presentation

Gama Canul writes, “We recently spent three weeks visiting dozens of elementary schools, high schools, universities, and public parks with our friends and colleagues, Gary and Joana of C-QUEST. They brought a group of young Canadians who staged evangelistic performances using hip-hop. Through them, thousands of young people heard the gospel and most responded to the invitation.

“The Lord opened new doors and new contacts, including invitations to visit other schools. We needed more time with this C-QUEST group in order to visit more schools. All this work with these young Canadians was exhausting, but we thank God for doors that were opened. Normally it is difficult to get into schools to preach the gospel, but this type of performance was a means to reach them.”

Free book download from Wayne Mac Leod



Each month missionary Wayne Mac Leod makes one of his e-books available free of charge. This month’s title is “Numbers: A Devotional Look at God’s Leading of Israel Through the Wilderness.”

The account of Israel’s history in the book of Numbers begins in the second year of Israel’s release from captivity and records the events that took place as Israel wandered in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land. It ends with the people of God camped beside the Jordan River ready to enter the land God had promised their fathers.

You can download the PDF version of this book by clicking here.

An ACTION missionary since 2003, Wayne has been publishing a variety of Bible study books for distribution to Christian workers in over 40 countries.

Children come to know Jesus at evangelistic camp in Colombia

Child at camp

Child at camp

Raquel de Jesus writes, “50 children and 12 camp staff left Bogota to travel to Viota for a four-day-camp. 33 of the children in attendance were children of prisoners. Their parents are in prison for drug-related crimes. Praise God many found hope in Jesus! 39 of the children accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and 11 rededicated their lives to the Lord.

“Twelve-year-old Johan lives with his grandmother and half-sister. His mother is in prison for selling drugs. According to Johan: ‘I didn’t have hope.  I listened carefully to the sermons of the pastor. On the first day, he talked about Jesus’ love for us and what touched me most was the sermon the second day.  It was about the forgiveness Jesus is offering us and that He can save us if we will let Him in in our lives.  I asked God’s forgiveness of my sins and I accepted the Lord in my heart. I want to be different.’

“Lisa is the nine-year-old half-sister of Johan. She accepted Jesus as her Savior earlier this year and rededicated her life to the Lord at the camp. She said she rededicated her life to Jesus because she doesn’t want to be a drug addict or be a street girl. She said what she liked most at the camp was the Bible teachings, singing and prayer time. On the second day, she asked for prayer for her mom that she will be released from prison. In the afternoon of July 26, she received a call that her mother will be released. She will be under observation and if her behavior will be acceptable to the authority, she will be totally freed. The prayers of both is that their mother will follow Jesus and for Lisa to meet her father someday.

“These two, and the rest of the campers, did not choose their pasts but they made choices for their futures. They made decisions to follow Christ. They are now back in their homes and facing many challenges. Please pray especially for spiritual strength for these young ones.”

Delivering babies in the Philippines

Pami with mom and newborn

Pami with mom and newborn

Pami Ellis writes, “April and May were some of the hardest months I’ve ever lived through. 22 babies were delivered into my hands in less than 60 days! No delivery was the same. We had a bathroom birth, postpartum hemorrhages, emergency transports to the hospital, hands and knees delivery, neonatal resuscitation, 23-hour labors, and even three births in 15 hours. You name it, I experienced it. But God was extremely gracious and gave me the courage, endurance, patience, and stamina to get through it.

“In the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a summer intern from Canada, managed several critical cases, attended the wake of the mother of a staff member, and tried to step into the very big shoes of the other missionary nurse at Shalom who has left for a year’s home assignment. Life isn’t slowing down any time soon!

“This September, our founder and director, Mavis Orton, is planning to retire back to England at the young age of 81 years. She has served faithfully and tenaciously in the Philippines since 1986. I only hope that I am as young and spry at 81 as she is! Please pray for Mavis as she puts closure on her 28 years of service and says goodbye to what has become her home and adopted people and then adjusts back to life in England.

“Part of the reason I prayerfully decided to pursue midwifery certification was so that after Mavis retired, there would still be a missionary leader with midwifery training. However, the job of leading Shalom is now more than any one person can manage, so fellow missionary nurse, Cindy Gingerich and I will assume leadership after Mavis retires. I could not ask for a more qualified or complementary gifted coworker than Cindy and I praise God for her daily. At the moment, she is on a year home assignment, so please pray for me during this critical time of transition of leadership and responsibilities.”

The Hubers travel to Timothy House in Mexico



Boy Huber writes, “Joy and I are headed back to Timothy House in Mexico today. We pray for a safe journey as we drive a 15-passenger van the 2000 miles.

“The next four weeks at Timothy House will go quickly as we help with summer activities and work on planning, education and other projects. Two new boys have arrived at Timothy House recently. One is 12-year-old David who came from other orphanage. He has no family and has lived in orphanages all his life. Please pray that he will adjust to his new home.

“Please pray for the new directors of Timothy House, Samuel and Maritza, and their vision for the future of the home. Samuel and Maritza are wonderful and worthy of our prayerful support.”

Timothy House in Sonora, Mexico, is a home for boys ages 5 to 12 who are orphaned, abandoned, or otherwise need a permanent home. The goal is to provide a safe, loving home, and mentor the children to become godly men, faithful husbands, and responsible fathers.


New students recruited for Working Hands

Former Working Hands student

Former Working Hands student

Gary Root writes, “Working Hands Batch 23 will begin on August 5. We have recruited 21 students for the next batch and they are eager to start. We have conducted home visits for around half of them and are moved deeply by the difficult circumstances they face. Many have no home of their own and live in a shack on land that they do not own. We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to bring hope to them through discipleship and vocational training.”

Please pray for these 21 students as they will soon begin the program at Working Hands. Please also pray for the instructors as they teach life skills and disciple and encourage these young men to love the Lord. Also pray that the Lord will provide the finances needed for this next term.

Encouraging women in Zambia



Karen Singleton writes, “I have been praying that God would bring 10 ladies to the ACTION Pastors’ College Wives Christian Fellowship today. For the past two meetings there had been 6-8 ladies present out of 13. This morning our prayer was answered!

“After playing several games, singing and dancing, and painting fingernails, Easter Ngoma shared about keeping our Christian lives balanced. She introduced the idea of spiritual balance by talking about balancing our diets with the proper foods. She then shared the Navigator’s Wheel which depicts our vertical and horizontal relationships in Christ. Christ is the hub and the rim represents our obedience to Christ. In our relationship with God we need to cultivate a life of prayer and the study of God’s Word. Horizontally, we need to be in fellowship with one another, and to share our faith with unbelievers.

“Concern for others spilled over into our craft time. With prepared cards, markers, and pencils, the women decorated their own birthday, sympathy, and thinking of you cards. Mable made her husband an appreciation card; Easter decorated a birthday card for her youngest son; and Jessica, looking toward November’s graduation, made one to celebrate her husband’s completion of ACTION Pastors’ College.

“It was an encouraging day of ministry. It began with prayer. It ended with praise. God is good!”

Testimonies from VBS graduates in the Philippines

Children praying at VBS

Children praying at VBS

ACTION Philippines’ Street Impact Team shares the gospel and compassionate care with street children and their families in partnership with local churches. One way they do this is through Vacation Bible Schools (VBS). Here are some testimonies from some recent elementary-age VBS graduates:

Cristel: I learned about Jesus and I accepted Him as my Savior. I thank my teacher for teaching me, otherwise I wouldn’t know Jesus.

Angela: I learned that Jesus is the Bread of life and I need to accept Him into my life, which I did.

Jane: I learned Jesus is the Good Shepherd, the Bread of life, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Lyka Mae: I learned I need to believe in Jesus in order to go to heaven so I believe in Him as my Savior.

Maria: I learned that Jesus is good regardless of what people say about Him. He is kind, good, smart and helpful.

Ivy: I learned how to know God and I thank Him for these good lessons.

Please pray for Street Impact Team as they continue to reach out to needy children.

Young girl grows closer to Jesus through discipleship in Colombia

Children enjoying a meal at the ministry center

Children enjoying a meal at the ministry center

Raquel de Jesús writes, “We rejoice when a child after receiving Jesus as personal Savior keep growing in faith and wanting to serve Jesus even at a young age. Ana lives with her mom and two brothers. She was guarding hate in her heart. She was invited to the ministry center by her best friend in November 2012. She liked the way the Bible was being taught, so she kept coming back. She accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior in February 2013.

“She is growing in her faith even now. According to her: ‘Jesus is changing me day by day. I surrendered my hate to Jesus and He changed it to love. I am now more friendly and loving. One of the things that I am learning from Pacto en ACCION is how to sing for Jesus. I know that I can use this passion for singing to serve Him.’ She joined the children’s singing group and is now one of the leaders of the group.

“Please pray that God’s light will always shine through Ana and other children and that Satan will not take away their desire to serve the Lord. The spiritual battle is so strong.”

Raquel  works with former street kids and their families at her ministry center in Ciudad Bolívar, Colombia. She is involved in various Bible study and discipleship ministries and runs a feeding program.